Monday, April 21, 2014

Almost all dug


I've only got one section left to dig, and even that is more-or-less clear, at least on the surface.  It just needs a bit of rain to soften it up now.

I've got 8 bags of lovely well-rotted horse manure waiting at the top of the plot and I've just barrowed the contents of the compost heap halfway up the plot.  Fertility a go-go, eh?  A couple of shots of the compost heap below (it's already started refilling!)

Horrible job of the week though was digging out the cold frame bed.  I hadn't dug it properly last year, just hacked it about roughly.  Ah, your sins shall find ye out, in the form of bindweed, which its was infested.  This is it, all nicely dug

And this is the quantity of bindweed dug out of just half of it. 

Horrible stuff, although I confess I was expecting more of it.


Sue Garrett said...

I hate bindweed in the plot but think I is rather pretty in hedgerows.

Nutty Gnome said...

So it's your fault it's chucking it down today then!
T'allotment's looking good. I've been busy transplanting moss fromthe veg garden to the japanese garden, so only a few spuds have gone in so far! But I'll get there :-)

Tanya. said...

I always find it hugely satisfying to get all the digging finished!!

Hastings gardener said...

The cold frame bed is looking good, and can there be anything better than seeing bind weed roots wilting in the sun?

In my opinion, if you can get away with digging the bed once every other year, that is what you should do. No need to create work for yourself!

Lee said...

Good work! Bindweed is my absolute nemesis, although I have to confess a grudging respect for the stuff.