Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In an indication of how bad a season it's been......

......the September Allotment association show, traditionally held on the first weekend of September, has been CANCELLED.

Not good.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hack and Slash; Hack and Slash

Well, if ya gotta cut your hedge it's the only way.

Substantial progress made this morning before rain stopped slashing (or started slashing, depending on your point of view).

Here is BEFORE, so you can see it was deffo overgrown.

And here is AFTER, much better I'm sure you'll agree

And here is WHERE IT WENT. 


I'm sure you'll also agree that this is but a problem postponed.  That's because it's in the [currently empty] manure bin.  But that is destined to be refilled in October so all the prunings will have to be out by then.  I feel a Mother Of All Bonfires coming on but that, in turn, will have to wait until the beans and courgettes are finished because that's the only space I've got available to have one.  So this all feels like an appointment with MOAB in October.  Yippee!

And finally, the door to the Secret Garden is now visible again.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crikey, where did the time go?

I realise, to my embarrassment, that it's a full month since I posted anything here.  Well, that might do in winter but it's distinctly remiss in summer.

Mind you, what's been happening?  When it wasn't raining it was..........raining.  

But the Blackberries and Raspberries are doing OK, and plums are imminent.  There won't be as many as last year but a reasonable number.  

Leeks are in, early & main crop (Musselburgh), and I've finally tied in the grape vines to their wires.  
Won't be long before they need a higher set of wires, or two.

And, lest you think it's all edibles and nothing decorative (although some of the edibles can be quite decorative) let me show you the Cornflowers
and, a first this, California Poppies. 


These are a David Douglas introduction from the 1830s and this is the first time I've got them to flower so I'm well pleased with that.

Finally, on a grumpier note, I've had a "cut-thy-hedge, thou-wastrel" letter from the Council.  I'll not repeat the ranting I've done on Facebook about it but suffice to say I was not pleased!  Pah!!