Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Evidence of Activity

Well, I said yesterday the pesky phone wasn't co-operating.  It's clearly slept on that and thought better of it because here are some photos of how things stand on the plot.  I guess I must have been busy if it's not looking too bad.

Lettuces (I must have a sad life if I'm posting pictures of lettuces!!)

Blackberries - I'm getting this many just about every time I go to the plot.  Freezer is full, family are at saturation point.  What next?  Ah well, I have a recipe for Blackberry Whisky!  Fear not, it won't be single malt, more like Aldi's finest.

Part of the Courgette glut.

 The Cornflower hedge is doing well

 And don't forget the Grapevine!!  Look carefully at the next two shots and what do you see?  Bunches of grapes, innit?  Must net them to keep the birds off.

Somewhat tidied Raspberries
I have two varieties - Glen Thingummybob (summer fruiting) and Joan J (autumn fruiting).  Joan J consistently outperforms  Glen TGB, both in quantity, size and quality.  The whole raspberry patch  is also very overcrowded.  So the plan is to dig out all the Glen TGBs (two rows) & replace with one more row of Joan J.  That will give me three, less crowded, rows of Joan J which will give me a consistently better crop and make me a happy bunny.

I've also decided to dig out the Strawberry bed and replace with new plants (Marshmello) at home where I can keep a close eye on them.

And finally, here's a cheery chap. 
 What's not to like about Sunflowers?!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I have been remiss

No, not about allotmenting, just about writing blog posts.  After the pigeons-ate-my cabbages debacle, followed by the some-barsteward-nicked-my-strawberries catsarstostrophe, well, I sort of mislaid my mojo a bit.

But, in truth the plot isn't looking too bad at present and in some areas (blackberries, beans, courgettes, cornflowers) is positively fecund.  I'd show you pictures, the very pictures I took on my very phone this very morning, but the very blasted thing is refusing to co-operate and transfer them to the computer.  So I'll go back tomorrow and do the job properly with a decent camera.

Sithee, as we say in Yorkshire (318 days to the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire).  Can't wait to see the peloton hurtling round the Rhubarb Triangle.