Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It all adds up

The seed orders have gone in, mostly to DT Brown but also a minority to Seeds of Italy.  I've also ordered replacement Strawberry plants (Marshmello) from Marshalls.  After last year's debacle I'm moving the strawberries out of the allotment to the garden at home where I can keep a closer eye on them.  Marshalls had a 3-for-2 deal on them so I'm getting 30 plants for the price of 20.

But it does all add up.  I'm not sure whether this is wise but I'm trying to keep track of costs.  So far this year, and it's only the 14th of January, I've spent £71.87.  And, to heap further pain on this, yesterday the notice of rental costs arrived from the Council.  It's a VERY steep £160 this year.  Ouch.  there's a lot of unrest and discontent in Sheffield about this.  We're seeing the legacy of many years of under-management coming home to roost, with big 'catch-up' rent increases all happening in a couple of years.  We do also seem to be paying towards the very top end of the range of costs.  The one bright point in this is that I see I qualify for a 25% discount on account of being over 60.  Every little helps!!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

New Year, new.....

....list of seeds to buy!

I've just done the this-time-of-year Seed Audit.  It's a bit daunting how much I've got to buy, but if I don't buy it there'll be some pretty significant gaps.  Like Leeks.  I do, as it happens, and I seem to have no Leek seed left.  Eek, no Leek!!

Seeds this year are from a combination of Seeds of Italy, who I think are excellent, and DT Brown, who I've never used before.  Seeds of Italy provide vast quantities of seed in every packet at a not-unreasonable cost.  Browns provide fewer seeds, although still enough, at a commensurately lower cost.  Their catalogue is a good reference work too, whereas Seeds of Italy provides a good entree into a different world of growing entirely. 

Fingers crossed!