Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Busy, Busy

We go on hols tomorrow; as ever, so much to do, so little time to do it in.  But it's all been done, just in time (actually, if I'm sitting here typing this with a whole evening ahead of me there's plenty of time).

The plot is actually looking quite good, courtesy of a mammoth strimming session yesterday.  You ever tried strimming a mammoth?  No, I thought not; take it from me, they're big chaps.

So, how do things stand:

  • Runner Beans - in
  • Climbing French & Dwarf French beans - in
  • Mangetout peas - in & a successional sowing coming through behind
  • Cornflowers - in
  • Lovage - rampant
  • Rhubarb - prolific
  • Plum - has flowered
  • Sloe - has flowered
  • Asparagus - very poor, 2nd year running;  think it may be heading for an appointment with the Big Mattock
  • Shallots - doing well
  • Garlic - ditto
  • Leeks - just so over, & bolting (a common problem at our age)
  • new Leeks - poised in a nursery bed
  • Gladioli - in but not up (only went in this afternoon so not entirely surprising!)
  • Grapes - buds have burst; all 10 survived the winter and look healthy
  • Broccoli, Cabbage, Cavolo Nero kale & Fildenkraut shredding cabbage - all in & Fort Brassica reassembled
  • Strawberries - rampant & heading for a glut
  • Cherries - tree shrouded in netting to keep Sammy Squirrel off
  • Blackcurrant - flowering
  • Blackberry - flowering
  • Raspberries - lush
  • Courgetti & Trompetti - in and not dead
  • Salads - thriving
  • Onions-grown-from-seed - half transplanted, other half in the nursery bed
  • Coriander - in, looking OK
  • Sorrel - just way OTT & had a haircut
  • Sunflowers - through & here's hoping
  • and finally, Weeds - yep, there are some but not too many.
 So after that fabulous list here are some pics after today's pre-hols (drink it while you can, chaps, cos there ain't no more for a week) watering session:

The Nursery Bed

The Bean, Pea & Cornflower corner, tastefully bordered left by Lovage Rampant

A potential glut of Strawberries (Problem?  No, I thought not )

Lush Raspberries