Sunday, February 25, 2007

First seeds sown, taters chitting, mice hungry

At last, some seeds sown! Tomatoes - Tamina & Moneymaker (haven't grown MM for years because I remember them as insipid; we'll see how they do this year. Leeks - Musselburgh - back to an old favourite because my Gigante d'Inverno from Seeds of Italy did badly last year (suspect I'd kept the seed too long). Parsley - Flat leaf. can't get enough of it in summer.

Taters - Nicola (chosen by Mrs M) are chitting well but, checking back through last year, I find those are the ones Mrs M said she didn't like on account of them having a 30 second window between being cooked and being boiled to mush. So Charlotte are now chitting too!

And finally, the saga of the omnivorous mice seems to be over. They've eaten not only the chocolate orange but the box and the silver paper too. That must have given 'em bellyache!

Garlic is doing well,

Rhubarb too. Spring is Springing!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Pile of Poo

Taking the visiting relatives for a walk in the woods, we chanced on a pile of poo, of the Horse variety. What better for allotments? A neighbour keeps two horses in a paddock in the woods behind his house and the poo is beginning to escape the confines of his manure heaps. Free for the taking, but for the small matter of bagging it up, barrowing it through the holly bush and over the rickety bridge into the bottom of our garden. You think I'm making this up don't you?

The holly bush diversion is new, following a tree coming down in the Big Storm. The rickety bridge isn't very rickety but still challenging with a wheelbarrow full of poo. Why don't I just get a trailer load of manure delivered, like normal people, you may ask? Trouble is, the unstable back won't handle that amount of lifting, twisting, turning, tipping. It's actually easier to do it in smaller quantities, through the holly bush etc. Pictures in due course. Bet you can't wait?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meeces tidy up too!

It hasn't taken them long to get to the 2nd Chocolate Orange. Through the box yesterday, now through the foil and half the choc has gone. Oh for a mouse cam.

But look what they've done to my shed by way of thanks. How tidy is that?

Sadly, tidy inside doesn't necessarily mean tidy outside!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Meeces clean up!

As you can see they've left no trace of the Chocolate Orange but plenty of traces of themselves. There's another, still wrapped, Chocolate Orange next to the remnants. They've already started on the box. Let's see how long it takes them to get through the foil.