Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Compost de Papa

Last year I bought two Daleks from the Council, squat black Dalek-shaped compost bins. Tucked away unobtrusively behind the shed,

for the last year they've swallowed all our household compostable waste + grass clippings, raked up leaves etc. Despite being full to the brim several times they've quietly gobbled it up and asked for more.

Today I emptied the first of them. I got six big bags of lovely brown well-rotted compost

and enough leftovers to top up the 2nd Dalek and start the first off again with this year's rations. I guess this means that next Spring I can look forward to even more lovely jubbly compost. And it's all free; it's all stuff that would otherwise have been thrown away and gone to landfill. What's not to like?

And in case you're wondering about "....de Papa" the shed they're tucked behind is known, indeed labelled, as La Cave de Papa.

I'll not show you what's in it but be assured it looks and feels like a cave!