Sunday, February 16, 2014

Only minor lacerations

What a glorious day for pruning your Blackberries, missus.  No, I'm not channelling Ken Dodd; I really have been pruning my blackberries (well, those at the allotment anyway.  What are you like?).  I've been trying to do it for weeks now but today was the first non-swampy day.  Pics below.  I know they look much the same but trust me; the old stuff is cut out and the new is tied in.  Job done; hands more or less intact - only minor lacerations.

 I'm slowly building up material for another MOAB (Mother Of All Bonfires).  Trouble is, it keeps getting rained on.  Every time I go to the plot the first job is to turn the heap and open it up so it will dry out.  It does face due south so it gets lots of sun and wind and dries out quickly....until it gets rained on again.  Fingers crossed for a bonfire soon.
 And something which always makes me feel good.  However hard the weather, rhubarb is just irrepressible (try spelling that after a couple of glasses of red wine!).  Ee, it fair warms the cockles of my 'eart to see 't rhubarb up again.  Sithee!!