Sunday, August 21, 2011


In common with just about everyone else I've got loadsaplums. This has been a really bumper year. This lot is just half the crop, off just one tree, and quite a spindly feeble thing at that. Some of it's branches were bent almost double and I could almost hear it sigh in relief as I took the plums off it.

So we're having Plum Crumble, Plum Bread-and Butter pudding, Plum sauce, Plum just-about- anything-you-care-to-name and the freezer is crammed full of them. Along with a good proportion of this year's blackberries and, dare I say it, some of last year's. Mind you I've seen a recipe for Blackberry Whisky which might get rid of a few of them!

And pursuing the alcohol theme, the sloes are developing slowly (sorry!!) but inexorably. They'll have a pressing appointment with a bottle of gin or two before much longer.

In the meantime everything else rumbles along slowly.

It's all desperately dry but I don't have time to get there in the evening to water and I no longer have time on my non-working Fridays and Mondays. That's because I no longer have non-working Mondays and Fridays (sob). I've volunteered to go back to full-time work over the summer to see us through a tough patch. I do miss my long weekends! But the upside is that I'll be able to retire a full month earlier. Roll on October 27th.