Saturday, March 08, 2014

Give that man a beer

I think Spring must have sprung.

In the last three days I've:
  • Pricked out 80 geraniums (will that be enough?), 60 Begonias, 40 petunias, 20 Lobelia, 20 Marigold, 4 Fuschias & 5 bigger petunias.
  • Then I've got 16 1st early spuds and 25 2nd early spuds chitting.
  • And I've sowed leeks (x2 varieties), broccoli & calabrese, cabbage, cavalo nero black Italian kale, and tomatoes (x5 varieties)
  • Then pruned the Plum, Cherry, Raspberries & Grapes.
  • And dug two sections of the allotment.

Gor blimey, give that man a beer.

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