Sunday, May 24, 2009

An unscheduled interruption

Best laid plans etc

Today's plan was to have a quick blast around the Peak District on the scooter,

in the sunshine before it got too busy. Then I'd go to the allotment late morning for the rest of the day.

Good plan and it worked up to a point. But it hadn't reckoned with an almost-broken wire in a key part of the ignition system which, you guessed it, duly broke at point of maximum distance from home. Hey Ho. Dead engine.

A very good AA man sorted it out but the trouble with this scoot is that you have to more or less dismantle it before you can even see the engine. So it took a while. A good while. And completely scuppered any chance of getting to the allotment. Good job it's a bank holiday tomorrow.


The Gnome said...

Nice bike. I guess you wore your Ben Sherman (nice shirt) and fur lined parka then ?

Woody Wilbury said...

But of course. Very partial to Ben Sherman; very Quadrophenic.

Actually, nowadays I have a motorcycle jacket & trousers with armoured knees, elbows and shoulders. No messing!