Saturday, March 08, 2014

Is this a harbinger of sloes to come?

I certainly hope so.  The Blackthorn bush is covered in buds; let's hope rather more of them turn into sloes than did last year (errm, nil !!)

And there is no doubt what the rhubarb is about to do.  This is the state of play of the 'ordinary' rhubarb

and this is the early rhubarb.  Soon be time for some crumble!

That's more like it

Digging has started; digging, I tell you.  It feels like the start of a season.

And all the seasonal stuff is getting going.  Rhubarb is up.  Blackthorn is beginning to bud with flowers; if the buds translate into flowers and then into fruit we could be looking at a bumper year for sloes.  Fingers crossed.

And look who appeared at the next door allotment.

Give that man a beer

I think Spring must have sprung.

In the last three days I've:
  • Pricked out 80 geraniums (will that be enough?), 60 Begonias, 40 petunias, 20 Lobelia, 20 Marigold, 4 Fuschias & 5 bigger petunias.
  • Then I've got 16 1st early spuds and 25 2nd early spuds chitting.
  • And I've sowed leeks (x2 varieties), broccoli & calabrese, cabbage, cavalo nero black Italian kale, and tomatoes (x5 varieties)
  • Then pruned the Plum, Cherry, Raspberries & Grapes.
  • And dug two sections of the allotment.

Gor blimey, give that man a beer.