Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stuff I did today

In a quick burst of activity today I:

mowed the paths (because my neighbour never does. Harrumph)
hoed the onions and top section
dug out one of the side beds from the [long gone] greenhouse, which hasn't been dug for 5 years minimum; and,
red salad bowl lettuce
green salad bowl lettuce
red cos lettuce
pak choi.

But neglected to take the camera so no photos.

next big job = sowing the beans (runner & climbing french). I try to sow them on the May Day bank holiday and plant them out at Spring Bank holiday.

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Nutty Gnome said...

We'll have to see if your runner beans do better than mine! I planted mine out yesterday (when it was dry - sigh!!!) as well as planting some seeds direct. I also transplanted out broad beans, mange tout, squash, courgettes, chinese cabbage, red cos and oriental mixed salad and did another row of carrot, beetroot and spring onion seeds.....then it started raining and hasn't stopped since!