Monday, May 18, 2009

A long week not on the plot......

..... because I've been in London all last week and today, filming the next stage of the David Douglas documentary.

We've been to the Royal Horticulural Society, Kew Herbarium & Archives, Royal Engineers Museum (for photos from 1861) of someone Douglas met as an Indian boy of 8 in the Red River Settlement (now Winnipeg) in 1827. It's the only known photo, in the world (!), of Spokane Garry.
Today we were at the Tradescant tomb at the Garden Museum, Lambeth. Long slots of yours truly on camera, blathering on about David Douglas.

The team have now flown off to Scotland to film Douglasiana around his native patch of Perth & Scone. I, meanwhile, have to go back to work tomorrow.

Doesn't sound as though I've missed much on the allotment front, although I'm now miles behind with my beans. Beans, Schmeans.


Nutty Gnome said...

I thought you'd been a bit quiet!
Sounds like you had a busy week of it Woody. Hope the end result is worth it - I'm quite looking forward to seeing you on the big-ish screen!

Hope your beans haven't drowned!

Woody Wilbury said...

I haven't sown them yet!

That's how far behind I am. I'm going to have to buy some while the ones I sow at the weekend catch up.