Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crikey, where did the time go?

I realise, to my embarrassment, that it's a full month since I posted anything here.  Well, that might do in winter but it's distinctly remiss in summer.

Mind you, what's been happening?  When it wasn't raining it was..........raining.  

But the Blackberries and Raspberries are doing OK, and plums are imminent.  There won't be as many as last year but a reasonable number.  

Leeks are in, early & main crop (Musselburgh), and I've finally tied in the grape vines to their wires.  
Won't be long before they need a higher set of wires, or two.

And, lest you think it's all edibles and nothing decorative (although some of the edibles can be quite decorative) let me show you the Cornflowers
and, a first this, California Poppies. 


These are a David Douglas introduction from the 1830s and this is the first time I've got them to flower so I'm well pleased with that.

Finally, on a grumpier note, I've had a "cut-thy-hedge, thou-wastrel" letter from the Council.  I'll not repeat the ranting I've done on Facebook about it but suffice to say I was not pleased!  Pah!!


Tanya Walton said...

well at least you are getting some berries amidst the terrible crops this year.

Your flowers are very pretty...nothing pretty on my plot...unless you count the squash flowers!!

Was the letter about the hedge in your garden or allotment??

Woody Wilbury said...

It was about the hedge on the allotment, from the same Council who bequeathed me 12 feet high hedges when I took this plot on. From the same Council who, after I had cut the hedge in previous years then came along and cut ALL the hedges on the entire site, thus negating all my effort.

Oops, I seem to have reproduced most of my Facebook ranting!

But I do think squash flowers are very attractive, especially dusted in a seasoned flour and quickly fried!

Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

Pathetic plum year for us but if things go to schedule it should mean a bumper crop next year - Why do our plum trees produce fruit in synchronicity? Surely they could take turns to have a good year.

As for the hedge tell them it is a wildlife feature to encourage biodiversity which is good for the site. Te;; them it provides nesting and shelter for all the birds that pop over to much on slugs and other nasties but don't mention that they also like raspberries etc.

Woody Wilbury said...

It is odd about the plums. They do seem to have Fat years and Lean years, which I guess I can understand (needing to have a rest after a bumper crop!) but it would be nice if they staggered it a bit.

I like the hedge suggestion but I fear it wouldn't wash with the Council!

Tanya Walton said...

I have never eaten the flowers....I guess I just like the fruit too much!!!