Monday, June 22, 2009

Yes, another one!!!

Another ohnosecond, just one day after the last one.

Repeat after me.

Before swinging away madly with the hedge clippers I will remember, I WILL remember that I carefully threaded a hosepipe deep through the hedge so I wouldn't cut it in half with the hedge clippers.

Not deep enough though!! Now I have two hosepipes, created in an ohnosecond, and both of lesser utility than the original. This was a bit of an embuggerance in the watering this morning.

On which theme I should share with you a new German verb I've invented - to offgebugger - usually deployed around going-home time with a cheery cry of "Right then, ich bin offgebuggeren".


Nutty Gnome said...

Haha, I just love the concept of the ohnosecond - mainly because I have them on a regular basis ....they are slightly smaller and faster than the ohshitesecond which are also fairly common round here!

RobD said...

Your hedge clippers are obviously sharper than mine, and good on you for giving the hedge a cut - an often neglected job....