Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My other Allotment......

..... is in Crete (I wish), hence the radio silence for the last fortnight. Here's a photo. Iannis keeps chickens

and rabbits there too, along with the usual civilised comforts of a pool and BBQ house.

The pool attracted lots of frogs at night (noisy little beggars they are); lizards live in the walls and come out to hunt moths, and owls come out to hunt mice etc.

And of course there's always the delights of PYO oranges.

This was all followed by a flight into Manchester last night in torrential rain (perhaps a tautology?) and a drive over the Snake Pass with roads awash. Never seen such torrents of water. I gather you had it hot in the UK while we were in Crete but there was no evidence of it last night!!

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