Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I've now got a Dongle for my work laptop, which enables me to access work IT systems and send and receive emails etc remotely over a 3G network.

Although it doesn't work that well at home as we live in a poor reception area for mobile signals it works very well indeed at the allotment!!! Guess where I was working, in both senses of the word, yesterday.


Nutty Gnome said...

How goes the allotment Woody - and what pearls of wisdom have you got for me regarding what I should grow in a herb garden area I'm about to create?!
(It's about 4ftx8ft, facing east, shaded on the west)
Ta. Nutty.

Woody Wilbury said...

Basil, lots of Basil, although it's a b#gg#r to germinate. Some years it's dead easy, some years just nothing happens even with fresh seed.

Lovage of course - dead easy and a perennial.

I rather like lots of flat-leafed parsley, which seems easier to get going than the curly stuff, altho mine is a bit slow out of the gate this year.

Then, probabaly not from seed, perennial stuff like rosemary, sage and mint (grow the mint in a bucket to contain the root run otherwise you'll have nothing but mint!)

I'm also trying oregano this year. Needs lots of sun for a good performance. If not, I'll shout at it.

More on the allotment in a day or two. I'm on leave this week and fitting it in around other things. Son's wedding now fixed for 1st May. Crikey!!!

Woody Wilbury said...

And chives are always pretty good to have. Again mine are slow to germinate this year altho the seed is still in date.

Nutty Gnome said...

Thanks for that Woody - you're a star!

I've planted chives, parsley, sage, coriander and basil so far! I've done them into pots to get them started while I clear the herb garden area! Cor, that makes it sound dead posh!

Gosh - 1st of May isn't very far away! Hope you've got your posh frock sorted!!!