Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lovage and Love-age

Lovage is back!!

Regular readers will know that I'm very fond of Lovage and it is a regular contributor to tasty nosh in the Wilbury household. Indeed it plays a big role in Wilma Wilbury's famed fish stew. Not for nothing is its German name Maggikraut.

It's a perennial and it's reappearance is eagerly anticipated. I've topdressed it with National Growmore so am hoping for big things.

And look at yon rhubarb thicket.

It'll soon be time for a Rhubarb Bellini.

And as for Love-age, forgive the excruciating pun but it seemed appropriate somehow, given that our son, on the weekend of his 30th birthday, has got engaged. We're delighted and very proud of them both.

I'll need a posh frock now! Possibly even a frockless evening strap? Steady on Wilbury.


Nutty Gnome said...

Congratulations to your son and his 'intended'! If you're going for a posh frock, make sure it's a long one - covers a multitude of sins!

Can I have the recipe for Wilma's famed fish stew please?!!!

Woody Wilbury said...

Hi Nutty; sorry to be slow in replying, there's a lot going on here re wedding. date now set, more in due course.

Wilma tells me she doesn't actually have a recipe for her famed fish stew; it tends to be whatever she has to hand, although fish tends to feature in it quite regularly! As for the rest it tends to be rice, tomato, bit of onion, mushrooms, vegetable stock, lovage for flavouring.

Nutty Gnome said...

That's my kind of recipe! - and the bit about fish featuring in it did make me laugh!
Must grow some lovage.