Friday, April 03, 2009

Ronsley Moor springs a surprise


I set off late after a night out a friend's leaving do at the Last Laugh Comedy Club. He had warned me it might be a bit 'blue' and indeed it turned out to be quite extravagantly filthy, and great fun.

In fact it was only the knocking of the man delivering new raspberry canes which got me out of bed. Ye Gods, we live the high life here.

Any road up, it was dull and grey and cold (5 degrees) and miserable but the plan said 'get to the shooting cabin on Ronksley Moor', scene of New Year Brunch in December 2007 and not revisited since.

Needless to say I dressed for the weather (winter trousers) but as soon as I started walking the weather turned hot and sunny. I was heavily overdressed and shed garments along the way, stopping short at removing the trousers [shame]. The shooting cabin was as good as ever, with evidence in the hut book of regular use, including overnighters around Xmas and visits on Xmas eve, Xmas Day and New Year's Day. Haven't these people got families to go to? Indeed it was tidier than normal but I can't demonstrate this to you having forgotten the camera. But here's one from a couple of years ago.

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