Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy today......

...... but no photos because I stupidly forgot to put the memory card back in the camera.

The onion plantation is done, after a good going over with Growmore. Apparently they used to call it National Growmore during the war years. I suppose it was like (well, in spirit anyway) that malt extract and clinic orange juice us deprived kids in 't North used to get when we were little. Not that I knew I was deprived, but I did like the malt extract especially. Virol, I think it was called.

Anyway, digressing merrily today, a gazillion onions and shallots in PLUS half a row of garlic. This is breaking all the conventions that garlic should be planted before Xmas and needs a good spell of cold weather. This has had neither but they were still selling it at the garden centre so it should be OK?? Mind you one of the bulbs was mouldy and the other two were past their best. Still, if I get any garlic at all it'll be a bonus.

Half the raspberroonies are now tied up with string - no, not in a brown paper package, that's just silly - and, wait for it, six Asparagus crowns planted. It'll be 2011 before they are properly productive. They're immediately downhill from the rhubarb (which is brilliant this year) and between the plum tree (which needs to get it's arse in gear or it's out - 1 plum last year; get a grip) and the hazel thicket (which needs coppicing; get me, I've so much land I need to go out and coppice the hazel!! It's quite a small thicket, but it does need coppicing). This is all beginning to sound like an "area for stuff which will be there a long time"

And I've got a touch of sun and wind burn. Yippee! Hasta la Vista, baby.


Nutty Gnome said...

I'm prepared to wait till 2011 to taste/test your asparagus! I'm too lazy to dig an asparagus bed - too lazy in general, which is why my seeds are mainly still in the packets - oops!

RobD said...

You sure that wasn't sun stroke ;>)