Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Six hours

That's how long I was at the allotment today, and it sure feels like it.  I was beginning to feel a bit oppressed by the sheer volume of jobs, and it was certainly starting to look in need of attention.  So that's what it got today.  Some before and after pictures below but it amounts to:

  • Leeks (starting to flower) and Wallflowers (starting to stop flowering!), both out
  • Every section, apart from the garlic and onions, hoed and left to dry out in the sun
  • Strawberries weeded
  • Raspberries weeded (Lordy what a job; I had to do it on hands and knees between the rows because it was the only way I could see what I was doing!)
  • Bean patch dug over, ready for bean poles to go in

Strawberry bed looks tidy (you couldn't actually see the plants and it was full of #**#**# nettles)

Raspberries too

So what is the next pressing task?  How long have you got?

  • Onions and Garlic to be weeded
  • Bean poles to go in
  • Beans to follow them (they've finally germinated - both lots; you couldn't make this up!)
  • Carrots, Beetroot & Spring Onions to be sown (clear the bed again first!)
  • Leeks into nursery bed before 'proper' planting
  • And piles of other stuff I can't remember.
 And in case you were wondering about the 10 Grape vines planted in March.  Every one of them has 'taken'.  They burst their buds through the green wax coating some time ago and they're now starting to come into proper leaf.  I'm [reasonably] confidently expecting them to start growing more vigorously any time soon and they will of course need a framework of posts and wires to grow up to.  Ooh er; another job!  In the meantime here's one, looking very pleased with himself, and another 5 of his mates shrinking into the background a bit.  You wait; they'll have taken over in no time.

Can't remember how I managed to do this AND go to work.  Can't remember how I ever found time to go to work!

And finally, in a fine piece of forward thinking and planning, not only do I now feel in need of a pint but I have one sitting in the fridge waiting for me.  Attaboy!!


Nutty Gnome said...

That's an impressive amount of work you got through there Woody! Glad to see your vines are beginning to happen.
I finally got some work done yesterday as I hobbled round the garden - got my bean and pea area forked over and weeded, the poles up, the pea poles netted and the beans in - but it took me all day!It's amazing how much not being able to kneel down affects the speed I can work at!

Woody Wilbury said...

Thanks Nutty; hope the knee is improving (well, I guess it must be if you can work with it?)

Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

That last but one paragraph stole my comment! WE were just making exactly the same observation yesterday over lunch! Lunch out of course!

Woody Wilbury said...

Ah, it's great fun being retired! Strongly recommend it.