Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Never, Ever, At All........

.......have I used a hosepipe as early as 27th March. But the site water has been turned on, it's hot and dry-as-a-bone, and I'm paying for it. So why not?

Long story short, first find the tap. Our water connections are set into metal boxes sunk into the ground with hinged lids flush to the ground surface. There's a deeply-buried little brass tap and a separate threaded connection for a hose connection fitting. Over winter these boxes fill with silt & sediment which has to be dug out and all the fittings cleaned. Last year it fell to me to excavate it. Guess what, this year....it fell to me to excavate it.

Mind you, the year before last some bar-steward pinched my lovely brass hose connector out of the box - I guess there's no chance of THEM stepping up to do some excavating??? [Stop rambling - Editor].

Long hose short, it takes two 50 metre hoses to reach the bottom of my plot. That's a LONG hose (100 metres in fact!). But it worked and five of my six butts are now brim full of lovely clear water. My sixth butt (What is this man? Some kinda brown-rice, hippy, freak? How many butts does a regular guy have?) has a leak in the bottom (Ha! Well, where else, eh? It ain't gonna have a leak in the top) and needs repair. With concrete.

Titter ye not. Look out for a further post soon on how I've concreted my butt.


Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

At least no-one has stolen your taps as happened to our site a year or so ago!

Woody Wilbury said...

That IS pretty shabby!

Damo said...

Ah where has all that sun gone now after a predictably damp Easter weekend. I shall be getting to grips with hosepipe free watering on the new allotment this year, thankfully one of the taps is close to my plot!

Woody Wilbury said...

Oh Dear, that's pretty grim. Can you use the hose to fill butts or is it banned totally?

Last time we had a hosepipe ban here I was working in an office next to a car dealership who washed their display cars every day with a hose. They argued that it was a commercial necessity so they were exempt from the ban. Total bullocks of course. But you may want to keep a close eye on car dealerships in your neck of the woods for similar abuses.