Sunday, March 06, 2011

This week I are mostly been.....


Woke up one morning to find someone had crept in during the night & filled my throat with rusty razor blades. Opened my mouth & moved my lips, as for speech, and not a sound emerged.

Since then it's improved a bit and the hosepipe someone else had attached to my nose has been removed. In short, I've been full of cold and have done absolutely zilch on the alloto.

But that must change.

This week I are mostly, nay totally, not at work and thus have a pressing appointment with a pile of manure. And a new shed roof. And strimming. And seed sowing. And the garlic needs planting out.

I'm just, like, so totally not at work, yeah?


mc55 said...

oh dear I am feeling very guilty - hope you didn't catch it from me in the pub !! The good news is that it lasts just over a week ... sorry :(

Nutty Gnome said...

By 'eck Woody. Thar's bin proper badly! 'Ope it were nowt yer caught in't'pub!

Dunt thee o'erdo it on't lotti this week - tha's gorra tek care o' thisen lad!

'Ope tha's feelin' better soon tho'!

Woody Wilbury said...

Thanks both; it could have been in the pub I guess, but it wasn't exactly short of people in there, so who knows.

Any road up, improving now!! I always think I should have a hot curry at the first inkling of anything like this, but never have the presence of mind to do anything about it.

RobD said...

That doesn't sound so good. I'm as likely to be guilty as the other two, with two small children (aka germ magnets) I'm probably carrying all sorts of cold germs at the best of times!

Still sounds like you're on the mend for a week on the plot, and like you I desparately need to get some manure delivered.