Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seed order in!!

I like to grow something new every year. This year it's:

  • Limnanthes douglasii - the poached egg plant, introduced by David Douglas in 1827. Long-standing readers of this blog will understand my David Douglas obsession. For the rest of you, start in 2008. The David Douglas film documentary is almost ready for release; keep watching this space.
  • Sorrel
  • Parsnips - in truth, I've grown Parsnips before but they're a pain in the parsnip. Slow to germinate, seeds only last one year, prone to canker, don't like 'em that much. But there is an enthusiasm for hearty soups,'ve guessed it.
  • Celery (see parsnips)
  • Chilli - anxious not to repeat the great Chilli Oil disaster I'm trying some chillies intended for drying
  • Night-scented Stoics (very hardy)


Carolyn said...

You can add your dried chillies to oil to make chilli oil. I did read somewhere that you shouldn't add raw chillies to oil as nasty bacteria can grow - and it can ferment, as you discovered!

Green Lane Allotments said...

Once you have planted some poached egg plants you'll never be without. We started with six and now have a thick lawn under the roses on the plot that can be seen from an aerial photo. See if you can spot them in the last photo on this page <a href=">here</a> The clue is they are in the bottom right quadrant near the path!