Sunday, January 02, 2011

Opening the account.....

.....for 2011, that is.

Happy New Year to you all
. Here's looking forward to an energetic & productive year of allotmenting. Attaboy!!!!

Two years ago today I'd just been admitted to hospital with acute appendicitis, my first hospitalisation for half a century. Today, sans appendix, I've been much busier.

No pictures, because it's just been too murky and dull, but in a packed programme this afternoon I've:

  • finished the end-panel of the "manure bay". Amazing what you can do with an old pallet and a couple of posts.
  • pruned the Blackberries (Bedford Giant & Oregon Thornless) and tied them both in. If 2010 was productive, Blackberry-wise, 2011 looks set fair to match it, if the number of fruiting canes is anything to go by
  • picked Leeks & Cavolo Nero to accompany tonight's roast chicken

It looks as though I'm going to have to do some more repairs on both my metal water butts. They both have a huge block of ice in them, comprising about a third of the volume, but are otherwise empty of water. They were both full before the cold weather. I suspect the entire contents have frozen and sprung a leak in the bottom seam.

It feels as though I've done something productive today, and it's now a full 12 days since the Winter Solstice - it must be starting to get light again soon? Please.


Nutty Gnome said...

Ey up Woody and a Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for your support about our arson attack. Sod all chance of catching who did it though.

I'm still working out what we lost in the fire - all my seeds and hand tools just for starters! But at least you've reminded me to get my blackberry bushes ordered!

Green Lane Allotments said...

I've still to tackle our blackberry and tayberry - not a job I enjoy and both our plastic water butts were frozen solid at the end of last week - not sure whether they have thawed yet to reveal any leaks!

mc55 said...

putting me to shame Woody ! Well done.