Sunday, August 22, 2010

A chair, a shed & some sunshine.....

....What more could a chap want?
Today has been another harvest & maintenance day. The blackberry bonanza has finally ended and the plenitude of raspberries has just begun. I do like a nice plenitude, especially of raspers.

The superfluity of courgettes continues (yeah, I know, 10 plants, what was I thinking of? Doh!)and has been joined by a glut of gherkins and cucumbers. I find it hard to tell which is which because the labels are all overgrown now and outdoor cucumbers are a bit knobbly and look like gherkins anyway, so tend to call them all gherkumbers; they all taste the same anyway!

But the rainbow chard is doing really well - look at these chaps.

No idea what it tastes like & I've never grown it before but it looks so good I'll definitely do it again.

And finally, I turned around incautiously at one point while holding the [working] strimmer (this is the maintenance bit) and inadvertently strimmed the top off one of the dahlias. The pale one in the middle is no more. Oops; I'm just glad it wasn't one of the several Bishops of Llandaff - I'd hate to be accused of Ecclesiasticide.

PS - and in a packed programme tonight, I've just lopped a chunk out of my little finger (well, one of them actually; I do have two, although at this rate perhaps not for much longer) while cutting back tomato plants. I knew those scissors were sharp but they're really sharp. Not so much "blood on the tracks" as blood on the tommyatoes. The sacrifices I make, eh?


Damo said...

Go careful it's a dangerous pastime! Very envious of your shed, and the dahlias look great.

Green Lane Allotments said...

It's a dangerous world out there in the garden!!

The Gnome said...

Wait a minute, that chap in the singlet outside the shed, haven't I seen him before ? Of course, I didn't recognise him without his's John Mayall !

Woody Wilbury said...

That'll be John Mayall, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will it? I wish!

And it's definitely better than my last lookalike. When Sven was England manager Sainsbury's had a life-size cardboard cutout in the store entrance. The resemblance was very striking. I tried to scurry past but it didn't always work and I was once accosted by someone on a train who was convinced I was Sven. Not entirely convinced he was sober.

RobD said...

Here in the North, I've only just been picking my blackberries over the last couple of days! Hope the finger's not too bad.

Woody Wilbury said...

Here in the North? You must be all of, what, 3 miles north of me? Four miles, max!!

Mind you, my plot does face due south on a slope that catches all the sun. I think that does make quite a difference.

Matron said...

I grow that rainbow chard every year. Tastes every bit as good as spinach, even better in my mind. Hard as boots and will survive the Winter quite happily and give you an even better crop next Spring!

mccardey said...

Truly - I love this blog :) It kept me going all through (southern hemisphere) winter and now just when we're looking at maybe the very start of Spring, you're awash with courgettes. And, you know, Bishops.


(southern hemisphere kisses)