Sunday, February 15, 2009

Go with the flow? Brambles a Go-Go?

I've been wondering whether my approach to the 'wild' blackberries on the plot is wrong. They seem ineradicable, so perhaps I should work with them rather than against them. Perhaps I should regard them as bounty; a free source of extra blackberry plants and train them against a 'post & wire' framework rather than try, literally fruitlessly, to root them out. It won't work everywhere of course or the plot will end up only growing brambles but I can think of three places where I could do this immediately. Watch this space (or, pedantically, that space).

This has all been triggered by some proper work. Halle-chuffing-lujah. Proper work at last; amazing how energising it can be. So today I've pruned the Autumn Bliss, banged in posts for them, pruned the grapevine, pruned the blackberries and cut up into manageable chunks the Rogue Hawthorn I cut down before Xmas.

And mid-morning a skein of around 50 geese went over, honking furiously. Needless to say the camera was nowhere to hand.

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Nutty Gnome said...

Okay, so you've put me to shame about my lack of work in the garden of late - but it is raining today...!
I've given up trying to eradicate some of my brambles and have decided to just keep them contained in one area - at least the blackberries will go well in apple pie in autumn!