Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tomatoes in!!!

26 tomato plants in tonight, just ahead of the predicted rain. They're a mix of Tamina (a potato-leave variety), Gardener's Delight and some Beefsteak variety. Unfortunately, mix is the right word because the labels have gone astray so, apart from Tamina whch I can recognise from the leaves, I know not what they are. Hey Ho

Now there's only the small matter of the remaining 14 to squeeze in somewhere!

Grape vine is coming on too. Just visible, altho sadly not to a camera, are the flower buds which will become grape buds which will become...... Chateau Brincliffe?


Eliane said...

Finally someone with even more tomato plants that I have. I stopped at 21. I have also lost some of my labels and can only spot the Brandywine easily.

Have you done this before? Just how many tomatoes do you get from 26 plants and counting?

Woody Wilbury said...

In a good year, lots and lots and lots!! Last year, nil. The plants all rotted in the excessive rain.

At our previous house I had a greenhouse, full (really full) of tomatoes and used to pick at least a colander full every other night. I "sun-dried" some of them in a very low oven then saved them in olive oil.

But at this house I don't have a greenhouse so they currently have to take their chances outdoors in a "sheltered but sunny" spot at the allotment. By next year, fingers crossed, there'll be a greenhouse there.