Saturday, March 01, 2008

Back to the plot

Enough of this motorbiking stuff, time to get back to the plot. And I have to say it's looking pretty good, especially the rhubarb.

And all around are unmistakable signs of Spring. Ivan has a new [metal] roof on his shed (now that's a good idea), Chris has cut back his hedge to a manageable height, and I've dug & manured Plot 8 (which always has tomatoes in it.

But, more important than that, I've sown my leek seeds. What better symbolism than sowing leeks on St David's Day. Just be glad it wasn't parsnips.


Karen @ Wiggly Wigglers said...

Your rhubarb is looking good. I have just bought some as the plant I put in a couple of years ago seems to have vanished!

Woody Wilbury said...

Blimey, how can rhubarb vanish? It often looks a bit pale in the forcing sheds in the rhubarb triangle near here (look up on Google if you're unfamiliar with the rhubarb triangle) but I've never heard of it vanishing - usually you can't get rid of it!