Sunday, October 14, 2007

Romany Ways

Surprise weekend away for the Wilburys; surprise in that Woody didn't know where he was going - we always knew it was going to be a weekend, and that we'd be away. And look where we ended up.

I always wanted a shack in the garden,
and even better if it has a Romany caravan there too.
and it did, and we slept in both of them, under a goosedown duvet. Just north of Abergavenny.
Abergavenny itself was dreadful. We tried seven pubs, all purporting to sell food, before finding one which actually did. Abergavenny Food Festival struck us as a bit of contradiction in terms!

Much better side trips to Hay on Wye & Hereford but mostly to Gentle Jane's tearoom in Grosmont and the Angel Inn, next door in Grosmont. Fabulous venue in which to watch England thrashing the auld enemy, but Ye Gods those Welsh Dragon sausages were hot.

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