Monday, April 17, 2006

This is my first post to Allotment 81, from my allotment known, surprisingly, as Allotment 81!. It faces due south on a steeply sloping site in south west Sheffield, so gets loads of sun, not much frost and is free draining - ideal for a vineyard some would say, indeed I've often said just that. It was pretty derelict when i took it - grass waist high and hedges twice my height. I've had it since summer 2004 but it's taken 18 months to get the infrastructure under control.

There are two plots side by side with a central path and a shared gate. For most of last year the 'other' plot was empty. It's now been taken since autumn last year but the tenant is only just beginning to work it. Anyway, here's some photos of how it was.

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