Sunday, April 23, 2006

St George's Day (& also the 2nd anniversary of my mother's funeral). Lovely gardening weather though. Lots of digging and planted shedloads of onion sets (Turbo). My oppo (Chris) has had a vast load of manure delivered - took hours to get it off the road into the plot and at one point a car tried to drive over it and got stuck. Hey Ho.

I've also had a massive bonfire at home as we tidy the house up before putting it on the market. It was a bit of a good/bad/good news story. Good becasue I got rid of so much rubbish in a heap so old it had at least 2 Xmas trees in it. Bad because I lost my glasses in the fire, but good because I found the glasses I thought I'd thrown away in a bag of hedge trimmings two years ago. What goes around comes around!

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