Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I have been remiss

No, not about allotmenting, just about writing blog posts.  After the pigeons-ate-my cabbages debacle, followed by the some-barsteward-nicked-my-strawberries catsarstostrophe, well, I sort of mislaid my mojo a bit.

But, in truth the plot isn't looking too bad at present and in some areas (blackberries, beans, courgettes, cornflowers) is positively fecund.  I'd show you pictures, the very pictures I took on my very phone this very morning, but the very blasted thing is refusing to co-operate and transfer them to the computer.  So I'll go back tomorrow and do the job properly with a decent camera.

Sithee, as we say in Yorkshire (318 days to the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire).  Can't wait to see the peloton hurtling round the Rhubarb Triangle.


Sue Garrett said...

Hope you are soon remojoed

Woody Wilbury said...

Thanks Sue; me too!