Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Busy, Busy

We go on hols tomorrow; as ever, so much to do, so little time to do it in.  But it's all been done, just in time (actually, if I'm sitting here typing this with a whole evening ahead of me there's plenty of time).

The plot is actually looking quite good, courtesy of a mammoth strimming session yesterday.  You ever tried strimming a mammoth?  No, I thought not; take it from me, they're big chaps.

So, how do things stand:

  • Runner Beans - in
  • Climbing French & Dwarf French beans - in
  • Mangetout peas - in & a successional sowing coming through behind
  • Cornflowers - in
  • Lovage - rampant
  • Rhubarb - prolific
  • Plum - has flowered
  • Sloe - has flowered
  • Asparagus - very poor, 2nd year running;  think it may be heading for an appointment with the Big Mattock
  • Shallots - doing well
  • Garlic - ditto
  • Leeks - just so over, & bolting (a common problem at our age)
  • new Leeks - poised in a nursery bed
  • Gladioli - in but not up (only went in this afternoon so not entirely surprising!)
  • Grapes - buds have burst; all 10 survived the winter and look healthy
  • Broccoli, Cabbage, Cavolo Nero kale & Fildenkraut shredding cabbage - all in & Fort Brassica reassembled
  • Strawberries - rampant & heading for a glut
  • Cherries - tree shrouded in netting to keep Sammy Squirrel off
  • Blackcurrant - flowering
  • Blackberry - flowering
  • Raspberries - lush
  • Courgetti & Trompetti - in and not dead
  • Salads - thriving
  • Onions-grown-from-seed - half transplanted, other half in the nursery bed
  • Coriander - in, looking OK
  • Sorrel - just way OTT & had a haircut
  • Sunflowers - through & here's hoping
  • and finally, Weeds - yep, there are some but not too many.
 So after that fabulous list here are some pics after today's pre-hols (drink it while you can, chaps, cos there ain't no more for a week) watering session:

The Nursery Bed

The Bean, Pea & Cornflower corner, tastefully bordered left by Lovage Rampant

A potential glut of Strawberries (Problem?  No, I thought not )

Lush Raspberries


Sue Garrett said...

Coincidentally I called my post today Busy, busy, busy. One more busy than you so I must have worked harder :)

And it doesn't end there as we strimmed a mammoth too! (correction Martyn did)

Similarity ends as our raspberries look to be going to be rubbish!

Have a good holiday and don't think about the weeds that will greet you when you come back :D

Woody Wilbury said...

Indeed you must (have worked harder), and I'm pleased that mammoth strimming is catching on. I see a new Olympic event in years to come (well, they are talking about rebuilding them from [very] old frozen DNA). Hols will be Rhodes, for a family wedding, but wherever we are I always like to see how other nation's allotments are growing. Usually better than mine!

Lee Burns said...

Looking great! Just bought a battery strimmer today. Can't flipping wait to unleash it on the plot; no more shearing the paths for me. Hope you have some nice surprises to come back to after the hols!

mc55 said...

Looking good Woody ! Enjoy your hols, I will think of you on Sat - its the three valley's beer festival :)

Tanya Walton said...

It's all looking great Woody. Now you can have a nice relaxing holiday knowing that you did all you can. I'm sure the weeds will have a party whilst you're away though so come back prepared.

Love the stepping of your veg beds by the way, never noticed it before.

Enjoy your hols.

Woody Wilbury said...

Thanks All. We had a great time in Rhodes at a lovely wedding and with some serious 33C heat. Mind you, Michelle, I'm sorry to have missed the three valley's beer festival!! The stepped veg beds work quite well Tanya; it's an arrangement I inherited when I took the plot and I've actually taken some of the steps out as there were too many crosswise paths. But if I take any more out the whole thing will slide down the hill!

Ruth said...

Hope you had a good holiday Woody and that all your fruit and veg survived?

Woody Wilbury said...

Sadly not, Ruth. Holiday was excellent but while away, despite netting and constant vigilance by Wilma Wilbury, some pesky creature ate all the strawberries and there has been a serious pigeon attack which has totally decimated, beyond recovery, all the brassicas (see nest post)