Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It may not look very exciting but.....

...there are 68 strawberry plants in there.

 And I still had 30 surplus to give to family.  They are all Marshmello and originated from 12 plants, about 4 years ago.  The strawberry patch was in a terrible state, infested with couch and nettles, and had gone well beyond mere weeding.  It needed digging up and replanting, so that's what it has had over the last two or three days (yep, it took that long!).

But, lest you think I slave away bereft of creature comforts, I thought I should show you
the refreshment station

and the necessary unguents for clean hands.

I do get a decent cuppa, and clean hands, out of this but the hands still feel akin to a badger's fundament.

And finally, new camera, new pics - I'm quite pleased with this one, demonstrating that the plum is beginning to stir into life.


Sue Garrett said...

That's a lot of strawberries - I have to restrain myself from potting runner.

You did well with the bud photo as it can be tricky to get a focus on this type of subjects.

Woody Wilbury said...

Yes, I was very pleased with that one.

Tanya@allotments4you said...

You must really love strawberries!!!

I planted a new bed up last year so I ma hoping for a nice harvest this year.

Great shot of the bud...I really need to spend more time figuring out my camera!!

Woody Wilbury said...

Yep, strawberries are good!! And I've got just as many raspberries & blackberries! I'm really pleased with the camera, my first digital SLR. It's quite an old model but still good and at £150 in mint condition (unused) a bargain against the £800 it would have cost new back in 2006.

mc55 said...

'cor get you - refreshment centre !! posh.

Woody Wilbury said...

Of course!