Thursday, December 22, 2011

The shortest day

Today is the shortest day of the year; tomorrow it starts getting lighter again. Yippity Pippity! More allotment time coming up soon (well, soonish)

And this may, just possibly, perhaps, and all fingers and toes crossed, be the last year when it gets dark [here] at 4 o'clock. I'm supporting the Lighter Later campaign and the Daylight Saving Bill, so we can have longer, lighter evenings throughout the year. The obvious downside is darker mornings and I don't discount the effect of that. But, on balance, I'd still prefer lighter evenings.

There is a key Commons vote on 20th January. If you are at all interested in the campaign there's a link here.


Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

I've signed !

Woody Wilbury said...

Excellent; thanks Sue

RobD said...

It's alright for you pensioners who don't have to get up early any more... ;)

I'm all in favour of it too!

Woody Wilbury said...

Yep, it's true, my getting-up times have got noticeably later. Oh dear, how sad, never mind! He said, smugly :)