Tuesday, November 15, 2011


At last, some sunshine to break us free from the gloom and murk we've mostly had for the last few weeks. And so mild; look at this -

working in shirt-sleeves in mid November. I'm not normally this hardy.

I love it on days like today, when the sky is just wall-to-wall clear blue. My allotment site is backed with a big escarpment slope of mature trees and at this time of year, seen against the blue sky, they look fantatstic.
But it wasn't all lollygagging about doing a Fotherington-Tomas (Hello trees, Hello sky); I did get a couple of dozen Wallflowers in, for a bit of colour in Spring.

And, investing for the future (daft phrase - you can't invest for the past or present, by definition) I've put in another six Asparagus crowns, to supplement the dozen or so which are in already. We like Asparagus! These latest six -

you'll have to take on trust that they're in there because this is essentially just a picture of bare earth - will take a couple of years to start producing much but then they should last for twenty years (by which time I'll be 81 !!) Ye Gods, best not think too hard about that.

Leeks are still going strong, ditto red cabbage.
And today I had what are probably the last two raspberries.

Not enough to make a dish of raspers and cream, but nice anyway.

Finally, I see that it's the allotmenters trade union AGM next Monday.

At least they've made some effort to publicise it this time. With some trepidation (it's a meeting; I don't do meetings now I've retired!) I'm thinking of going to it.

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Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

No I don't do meetings either - one word of advice - don't volunteer for anything as from my experience it generally ends in tears!