Monday, April 25, 2011

At last

It's taken a long time but I've finally managed to dig over Section 8 at the bottom of the plot. This is how it was at the start of the afternoon.

The big heap is last year's compost, thrown on it with good intentions (you can't beat a big dollop of good intentions; almost as good as a big trollop with bad intentions) to empty the space for this year's compost; but then never acted on. The whole thing was becoming an eyesore.

And that's a shame really because it's a nice enclosed bed with good soil. It's clearly been a very big cold frame at some time and every autumn I say to myself "I really must get on and build that back into a cold frame; it'll be really useful in the spring". Of course when spring comes around I've done no such thing and it's too late then.

But at least I got it dug over and the compost worked in.

You have to admit it looks better already. It's going to be a nursery bed for leeks and then for salads and possibly a few tomatoes, overspill from the greenhouse at home.


Nutty Gnome said...

Definite improvement Woody!
What's this 'nursery bed' thing? I stick things in one place and leave 'em to get on with it!

Woody Wilbury said...

Eee, tha'rt a hard woman, if tha dun't use a nursery bed

I use it as a temporary home for "bringing on" things. This year's leeks are a good example. They're outgrowing the seed tray I sowed them in but they aren't big enough to survive planting out. So two or three weeks in a nursery bed just grows them on until they can face the big wide world on their own. Of course I should have sown them in a deeper seed tray in the first place but sometimes....!

melsanford said...

Looks fab! A huge improvement! :-) Mel xx