Sunday, November 28, 2010

Official: Wales colder than Hudson Bay

We've been in West Wales a lot recently on family business, and it sure felt cold. Quite how cold only became clear this morning with reports of -18C in Powys and a mere -9C on the shores of Hudson Bay.

Whatever next? Polar bears in Porthmadog? Narwhals in Narberth?

And what will this do for my garlic, which is stubbornly refusing to show at all?


mc55 said...

there are penguins in Scarborough :)

Green Lane Allotments said...

My garlic isn't shooting either
-7.4 was our lowest so far this month

Craig Rockfield said...

Hi Woody, same here with the garlic. Did have a peep underneath and they are rooting which is a good sign. Think they'll be fine my friend :)

Nutty Gnome said...

Ey up Woody - nice to have you back mate. Hope everything is as well as it can be for you.

I'm glad it wasn't this cold when we were in Whitby.... but I did think I'd seen a penguin swimming to shore!

Yer garlic'll come up grand!