Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The great Autumn clear up....

..... has started, although not before saving these fine chaps for a while longer

Q - what do you call an overgrown Courgette?

A - a Courge, of course

The hedge is cut; yeah, I know, like you're interested in a picture of a hedge. But it was hard work so you're gonna have one.

The nasturtiums are still flowering and the sun is still shining, occasionally. But mangetout, courgettes & sweet peas have hit the heap already and many more aren't far behind. Next big step? Manure!!!!


RobD said...

There's nothing wrong with a picture of a hedge ;>)

Green Lane Allotments said...

Know what you mean about hedges - we've just hacked back a laurel hedge on our plot and I took a photo too

Damo said...

Our nasturtiums have gone mad, they're halfway down the driveway! The next big job will be lifting the Dahlia tubers when the frosts hit. Not looking forward to that.