Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dzien dobry, bloggers

The Wilburys have been in Poland, and hence incommunicado, for nearly two weeks. To explain, we have family friends in south-east Poland, quite close to the Ukraine, and hadn't seen them for some time.
We had a few days in Krakow

at the beginning and a few days in Zakopane at the end but the middle period saw Woody, Wilma & Bunty Wilbury in deep Poland. This was Wilma's third visit & my second. Poland has changed enormously since Wilma's first visit, not long after the fall of communism. The food is better (in fact the food is great; don't believe any of the stories about stodgy, dumpling-based East European food) & most people are much more prosperous (it's great value too) but the traffic is much much worse.

But it was great to see our friends and we are very envious of their garden.

The last time we saw it, nine years ago, none of this existed.

The garage & house were there (the garage is a log cabin - look at the way the logs interconnect on the end walls)

but the garden was undeveloped. The well was being used as a place to keep beer cool.

I'd love a garden like this.

And a log cabin as a garage. But learning Polish is a bit of a deterrent! I think I'll stick to the allotment (which I haven't seen for a fortnight; heaven knows what that will look like now)

Do Widzenia ;>)


Gerry Snape said...

Love those apples!

Green Lane Allotments said...

I can see why you are envious of the garden.

Damo said...

Had my stag do in Krakow and had a great time. The vodka is lethal though! Lovely place I'd like to go back for a proper visit.

Woody Wilbury said...

Krakow is fabulous. I can recommend some great apartments within less than 1 minute's walk from the main square, and some great Georgian restaurants. Really good value, altho a bit heavy on the paprika!