Friday, July 02, 2010

Something completely different

You deserve a break from all this allotmenteering. So do I. I should have been in France this week investigating the allotments of the Quiberon peninsula. But my back went into "lock-up & wince" mode and was heard to say "Camping? Sleeping on the ground? In my condition? You must be joking, matey". So I had to cancel.

But it improved over the week to the point where I could go scootering yesterday. This is the highest point between Upper Wharfedale & Wensleydale.

Next stop the bikers cafe in Hawes.

Five minutes later it was raining.


Green Lane Allotments said...

Raining - what's that?

Damo said...

we've just got back from Brittany near Lorient not far from the Quiberon penninsula. Sorry to hear about your back. The Dales is a pretty good substitute though.