Saturday, May 15, 2010

Travelling vicariously

I've been all over the world this week, starting in Abyssinia, and the Danakil Depression. Later I went to the Hindu Kush and the marshes of southern Iraq. Along the way I called in at Austin, Texas and Saltaire, Yorkshire, and the CAMRA Pub of the Year (twice), before ending at Heeley & District Allotment Society. Crikey.

To explain, for my 60th birthday Wilma Wilbury bought me membership of the Royal Geographical Society.. They have a lecture programme every Monday evening, and last Monday's was by the biographer of Sir Wilfred Thesiger. I read Arabian Sands, Thesiger's masterwork on the crossing of the Empty Quarter, when I was 13 and it's never left me. Thesiger was born in Abyssinia in 1910 and, well you can work out the rest for yourselves.

Austin, Texas was courtesy of the Hot Club of Cowtown, gigging at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire. I'm in danger of (danger of? I am!) becoming a groupie. Go see 'em.

The Kelham Island Tavern is in Sheffield's "Beer Alley" and the Heeley & District Allotment Society Plant Sale is courtesy of my fellow-blogger, Michelle. Good to meet you this morning.

Phew; I need a rest after all that. I am 60 you know!!


mc55 said...

hey, how wonderful to meet you today - thanks for coming to support us, it has been brilliant - a definite success :) Sorry you didn't get a tour of Duck Dinner Dash - next time !

Woody Wilbury said...

I look forward to that.


Anonymous said...

April showers bring May flowers.

Nutty Gnome said...

If you went to the Kelham Island tavern, you really ought to go to The Fat Cat too - it's right next to Kelham Island Industrial Museum, has Pale Rider beer (amongst others) and wonderful food at lunchtime! Well worth a visit!
Meet you there for a pint?

Woody Wilbury said...

Ah, the Fat Cat - I know it well, just round the corner from the Kelham Island. It's lovely in winter when they have the fire lit in the back room; it doesn't feel like going to the pub at all, it's just like someone's living room but with beer.

And I quite like Pale Rider - the small qualification is only because it looks exactly the same coming out as it did going in!!

That unsavoury image aside, meeting for a pint sounds like a good idea. Might not be for a little while yet though; I'll email you.

Damo said...

I like the sound of "beer alley"!