Sunday, November 22, 2009

The last raspberries?

Almost certainly. I'm just pleased I'm still picking the little blighters, on November 22nd.

Today was the first 'working' visit to the plot for a month and in a packed programme Woodsworth managed to:

  • Pick the last raspberries
  • Prune the blackberries
  • Tie in the new blackberries (if you thought this year was bumper, there is nearly twice as much fruiting stem available for next year!)
  • Chopped out the old blowsy Mallow, shortly to be buried by a manure heap
  • Cut more of the hedge, and
  • Got wet
  • Said "Phew", and
  • Came home in the dark

The onions I put in a month or so ago are showing reasonably well and the garlic is beginning to show signs of life. I'm always a bit dubious about autumn onions but other people seem to do well with them so it's worth a try.

1 comment:

Nutty Gnome said...

By 'eck but you've been busy!
I just nipped out between downpours and picked the last of our raspberries too.

I ordered some blackberries of the same varieties as yours, so I hope they crop as well as yours have!