Sunday, August 09, 2009

Harvest Home

Well, not exactly. But I did pick:

  • Runner Beans
  • French Beans (why does anyone grow dwarf French - les haricots "Toulouse-Lautrec? They dangle down on the earth and you don't know they're there until they've either gone over the top or the slugs have had 'em. Les haricots ascensant sont much better)
  • Blackberries - this is a real bumper year for blackberries. I've been picking industrial quantities for 4 weeks now and they're only slowing down slightly.
  • Raspberries - for tea with ice cream
  • Courgettes - good job we like ratatouille cos, ye gods, have we got courgettes
  • Spuds - all volunteers from poor clearing of last year's crop
  • Cornflowers and Sweet Peas
At last, the Morning Glory Wall is beginning to flower. It had three on today but, being mid-afternoon, they were already fading. Must get there earlier!

I've also managed a halfway decent onion crop despite neglecting them shamefully and have to hack through a forest of weedage to harvest them. They got away from me while I was on holiday and I never got back to them. I find onions surprisingly difficult; next year I'm going to plant them on my cleanest plot and try to feed them better and weed them better. Perennial cry of the gardener, eh?

And here's a bashful fellow - one of my bumper-ish plum crop beginning, just beginning, to blush.

In here you can just see a cucumber flower beginning to develop.

Cornflowers are doing well too.

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Nutty Gnome said...

We had a giant courgette that erupted while we were on holiday - so I made a mountain of ratatouille too!

We went for les haricots ascensant, but had to net them to stop the pigeons eating them! It took me ages to untangle all the shoots that had shot while we were away!

Our onions have done well - gloat, gloat, but we don't mention the one solitary carrot!

Tomatoes and cucmbers are doing really well but the chillies, peppers and aubergines are a bit of a let down this year. I'm doing sweetcorn for the 1st time and I'm quite chuffed with that!

The redcuarrant vodka was well worth it! :)