Saturday, January 10, 2009

Woody regrets.......

..... his recent lack of input and failure to wish you all Happy New Year etc.

Sadly, I have been hors de combat (and count myself lucky not to have been turned into an old horse de combat and made into pies)

Sequence runs something like this:

Sat 3rd Jan, emergency admission to hospital with suspected appendicitis. (Lots of opportunity for fantasy driving from Wilma Wilbury in her ambulance manque - aka Ford Ka - , leaning out of car shouting Nee Nah, Nee Nah, Outta my Way, Suckers)

Anyway, at the very end of a long and increasingly painful day, acute appendicitis was confirmed and my about-to-perforate appendix and I went our separate ways. It's fair to say that neither us will be hoping for a reconciliation.

I'm currently stapled together in the lower abdomen and off work for a month. I've been having a whole host of VERY weird morphine-related hallucinations but they seem to be ebbing away now and I'm beginning to keep food down. Allotmenting remains a distant prospect at present.


RobD said...

Well that sounds crap, but sounds like you were best rid of it! I can join you 'not getting to the allotment any time soon' list having developed pneumonia. Good to hear you are on the mend though.

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

Spouse's appendix scar is very ticklish so more fun for the Mrs!!

Goldmember AKA Cus AKA Cazaux said...

Happened to me last year. Thought it was constipation and my wife was calling me a wuss for complaining about the pain so much. When I finally did go to the hospital they had me admitted and in surgery within hours. Lucky too as it had ruptured.

The morphine was something else. I stopped taking that and couldn't lay around for the month so went back to work after ten days.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.