Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's like a Jungle sometimes.

In fact it's like a jungle right now, due to being away following David Douglas. Truth is, the allotment looks awful. But, given the choice of travelling where I've been and having a tidy allotment, travel wins hands down.

Today was the first opportunity to get at it and I made little real impression. Mowed the central path and the side path.
Had to stop in the end as the humidity was so high I was sweating cobs. All of which prefaced a massive thunderstorm later. Why is it so wet? It's been awful just lately.


salina said...

Coming over from Ukbob's. I don't think that your allotment looks aweful. I think that it looks lush and beautiful!:)

Dreadnought said...

I always think the best thing about a messy garden is that you can see where you've been when you do something. Even when you do nothing else and get paid for doing it, its hard to keep on top of the garden the way the weather has been this past few weeks. A bit of sunshine will make all the difference so don't give up heart Woody. Bob.