Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ghost Bird

Woken at 5 this morning (this is me, real-time, not David Douglas, 1827) by a tremendous but dull bang, somewhere outside.

Staggered about a bit but found no signs of imminent Armageddon so went back to bed, grumpily.

But when we got up properly we found this on the bedroom window.

Clearly a bird (hopefully a pigeon) has flown into it at full speed and come to grief. There are no stunned birds lying around so it's either in the woods nursing an almighty headache or something has got it. There is a massive streak of bird poo down the conservatory window immediately beneath, so it was clearly sh*tt*ng itself as it flew. I suspect it was being chased by something big and fierce!


UKBob said...

Hi Woody, yes lets hope it was a pigeon. Bob.

Matron said...

that's funny! yes I hope it was a pigeon, and it would have been great to see it.

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

The poor bugger!