Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Turn your back for a moment and you never know what will happen. In this case Ivan-on-the-next-plot has had a massive burst of enthusiastic hedge trimming and the hedge between us is now down to about 3 feet or less and very thin.


Not sure what i think of this. It'll certainly be easier to keep tidy, once it's regrown a bit, but it compromises my privacy a bit and offers no security at all.

I'd like to have known he was going to do it too. Didn't necessarily want to be asked, in the sense of being asked for permission, but it would have been nice to be consulted, it being a joint hedge and all. Ah well, it's done now & not worth falling out over.

What else is new? The grapevine is now tied in to three posts and two strands of wire, ready for some growth this summer.
Chris, my on-plot neighbour has been very active and threatens to put me to shame. He now seems better established, having done lots of work over the winter.

And finally, I've now joined the plot association.
I've belatedly realised that they aren't just an association for plot holders but a shop, cheap garden stuff for the selling of but only between 10.30 & 12 on Sunday mornings. Still think they could be more proactive in marketing themselves to plotholders but no matter, I've joined now. Lots of amusement from Wilma Wilbury, who sees this as a sign that I'll soon be growing chrymanthesums and wearing a cardigan. Pah.


Bobzilla said...

My neighbour basically implied I should cut our hedge down because they couldn't be bothered looking after thier side. they threw up a fence a couple of years ago and have just gave up on the hedge.

On the plus side it does mean I can dig it out and put something more appropriate in there.

UKBob said...

Yes for sure Woody you must get a cardi and post a picture for us all to see! I see what you mean about the hedge, It is nice to be consulted about such things but like you say, not worth falling out over as that sort of things snowballs and would probably spoil the pleasure you get from your allotment. The plank you saw on my post is what I think they call a gravel board, its a piece I had left over from when I put my paths in my own garden. It started out as something to walk on when the siol was a bit wet then it replaced the garden line and eventually upgraded to a measuring stick too. I prefer it to a line for short rows, its also light enough to move around easily. Bob.

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